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About Me

I’m a composer, pianist, accordionist, arranger, cimbalom player, teacher, writer and theorist. I teach music at Sonoma State University and Sofia University in Palo Alto.

I’m European trained with a Masters in Composition and Music Theory with a Teaching Credential from the Academy of Music in Graz, Austria. I also studied at the Berklee College of Music and the San Francisco Conservatory.

I’m best known for my work in traditional Jewish music, but am also known as a composer.

My works can be heard in recordings, films, TV and in concerts.

I’ve worked with Itzhak Perlman, Theodore Bikel, The Vienna Chamber Orchestra and Stan Getz.

I’m the founder and director of the ensemble Budowitz, and a founding member of Veretski Pass and a co-founder of the Austrian experimental composer collective, “Die Andere Saite.” I’ve received the Prize of Honor by the Austrian government for my orchestral composition, “Tenebrae.” My other awards include the “Award for Outstanding Talent in Composition” from the City of Graz and I was twice finalist in the National American ASCAP competition.

My musicological work is featured in four books, including The Sephardic Songbook with Aron Saltiel and The Ultimate Klezmer, and I have published articles on the counterpoint of J.S. Bach.

Joshua Horowitz